levenshulme festival 2007

The Levenshulme Community Festival 2007


Florence’s 100th Birthday

One of Levenshulmes’ oldest residents, Florence Stockwin celebrated her 100th birthday at St Mary’s Parish centre in Levenshulme village on Thursday 1 November.


Friends and family of the ‘young at heart’ Florence decided to organise a surprise party during the Levenshulme festival to congratulate her on making it to one hundred years.  She has lived in the village for over thirty years moving into the area just after she got married.


Close friend Alan Boud said “Florence used to be a seamstress in Withington Hospital and she still finds time to take up my trousers for me.  It is great to see her able to look after herself I only hope I am able to do it when I reach that age.  She is a weekly visitor at my daughters Hair saloon ‘Bodee’s’ in Levenshulme. 

 When Lawrence Hennigan used to hold the annual pensioners party at the Palace she was always taken home in the Police van by the local constabulary – so they could make sure she arrived home safely.  But we always used to kid her up about having to be taken home in a Police van again.”


Florence has lived through two world wars and has seen a lot of changes in the area during the last hundred years said “I have had a lovely day and a lovely lot of friends and family.  It has been a big surprise the party but a nice one.”


Lawrence Hennigan the president of the Levenshulme Festival said “Florence is a lovely lady and it is great to see the community looking after and caring for our older members.  I hope I make it to a hundred.”