levenshulme festival 2007

The Levenshulme Community Festival 2007


Levenshulme Portrait

Twenty two year old Portrait photographer ‘Rebecca Lupton’ has given traders in Levenshulme the ‘celebrity’ treatment in her photographic exhibition for this years Levenshulme Community Festival. 

Her show at the ‘Union Inn’ on Stockport Road provides a number of portraits of key figures in the local community which include business owners, managers and also those who are seen as positive contributors to the community. The exhibition celebrates the importance of shopping in the place where you live and using local facilities in your own village rather than heading into Manchester or Stockport. 

Rebecca said about her exhibition " In moving to Levenshulme a few months ago I noticed how vibrant the area was, with numerous independently owned businesses - hairdressers, antique shops, florists, butchers, pubs etc.  Through these portraits I hoped to stress the importance of community and to indirectly encourage local people to use their facilities in the area.  It is a great idea holding it in the pub, it makes it accessible to people and they can view it at their leisure. "

Festival chair Tony Hennigan said “The pictures really capture the spirit of people who live and work in the area, I really like the way that the pictures are given an almost ‘celebrity’ edge to them.  Its a bit like looking at a photo shoot for some showbiz magazine.”