levenshulme festival 2007

The Levenshulme Community Festival 2007


Sure Start exhibition

"Levenshulme though the eyes of a child"


The exhibition called ‘Levenshulme through the eyes of a child’ was staged at m19 bar. The show featured the work of nine photographers aged under five and a further eight photographers over the age of five.

It provided a unique insight into Levenshulme village as seen through the eyes of small children and their thoughts and feelings about the area in which they live.

The exhibition was staged at m19 bar from Saturday 20 October to Sunday 28 October and Levenshulme Library from Monday 29 October to Sunday 4 November. More information about the exhibition can be obtained on the festival website www.levenshulmefestival.co.uk

The children were supported by Sure Start Levenshulme Children's Centre Early Years Teacher - Katy Fagan who said “As the Sure Start Children’s Centre Teacher I have been active in supporting and enabling children’s creative learning. The aim of the photo project was to enable children to explore and environment that is already familiar to them in a different way.”

“We took 3 and 4 year old children on a walk around Levenshulme and encouraged them to take their own photos of anything that interested them or caught their eye. The children’s creativity shone through, as they were able to challenge themselves and take their own view of the subject.”

Lorraine Butler: District Commissioning Manager -Sure Start said

“This is an exciting and innovative project that Sure Start has had great pleasure of being involved in.

The exhibition, ‘Levenshulme as seen through the eyes of a child’ has enabled local children to look at their environment. By using creative mediums, they have been able to explore and capture images of their surroundings. This unique approach has contributed to promoting creativity within children. Within Sure Start Children’s Centres we aim to support children and their families to give them a positive view of the environment in which they live.”


Mr & Mrs Samuels, the parents of 4 year old photographer Aaron said


“As parents, we are overwhelmed to discover our son’s artistic abilities, to be able to capture scenes from his environment on camera. For Aaron to be able to do this shows good hand to eye development. In addition to this, it also shows us as parents, his interest in the environment around him.

At home Aaron enjoys exploring different mediums in arts and crafts. He is an energetic child and as parents we know that we need to channel this energy positively through play and creativity. We are proud parents and want to continue to build on Aaron’s new found interest in photography.”