A Leve Mish Mash

A Leve Mish Mash

Levenshulme Festival 2nd November 2012 review by Ged the Camera

Featuring Manifest/Jezabellezza/Paddy Steer

It wasn’t quite the “Frankestorm” that hit the USA, but its distant relation “Count Deluge” poured down on those who attended the fireworks at Cringle Fields and tonight Joey Mutant is present at M19 bar. The ”Under the Pavement” radio programme that’s broadcast on ALL (Ardwick, Longsight & Levenshulme) FM has fielded a live line up at M19 bar. Joeys’ contribution is a display of his art, a combination of the photographic and painting arts. He takes a photographic print and adds his own colours and brushstrokes to produce eye catching results.

The intimacy of the M19 bar means that you can be sat talking to someone about where to get a pint of real ale, (answer = the Blue Bell) only for him to politely excuse himself as he is playing bass and his band Manifest, have just begun their introduction. This Levenshulme based trio joyfully blast out numbers in a punkish style. Their fast tempo and shouty choruses finds agreement with those present.

Also appearing at M19 is Jezabellezza, a 27 year old who, to use the old saying, is not backward at coming forward. Advertising herself as “having pink hair and a piano”, she’s right about the latter. Sometimes she will even have accompaniment from a human beatbox titled, unoriginally, as Mr Beat. The pink hair may be absent but sheer glee and enthusiasm fly out from her. If Billy Bragg can attempt to cram as many works as possible into a 3 minute song, Jez seems to be the female equivalent using the piano instead of a guitar. She has a gleefully skewered perspective of the most mundane things in life. Anyone who can make the European Medical Health Card seem funny and amusing will get my vote.

Part dalek, part cyborg, which could easily be the first impression one gets of Paddy Steer, as the dim lighting at the Klondyke club reveals a person surrounded on 3 sides by banks of, well equipment that can be used to generate noises. Paddy himself is wearing a scooter helmet that has been customised with a green fringe and also has two microphones attached. Mind you, that is fairly conservative compared to the outsized, green monkey head that he will also don during his set.

Not that those in the packed venue seem to mind. Surviving the Manchester music scene for several years, via bands such as Yargo and Biting Tongues and now a radio show titled EOMS (Every Other Monday Show), Paddy has secured a faithful following. He seems to have a similar approach to another Manchester based artist, Denis Jones, in that when they look at something the mental machinery computes “what sounds can I make from that”. So for parts of the set it’s tranquil, uplifting beats. With the head gear in place, it could almost be Air performing that track Sexy Boy. Then a pedal steel guitar is whipped out and we trip down the county music avenue.

“What’s the percentage of time I have left?” asks Steer rhetorically. “I’ll just do another weird one”

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